Be Your True Self! - An Update

A little over a week ago I decided to take a break from social media all together and focus on myself and my business.

The end last year and beginning of this year had left me in a bad place on every level. In hindsight, everything that happened was what I needed because it lead me to true self discovery and I’m currently the happiest I’ve ever been.

Like they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Off of social media I’ve come back to myself and have felt so much freedom and happiness that opening up the app today caused me anxiety. “I don’t want to go back to being the way I was.” I thought to myself.

My chest cramped with anxiety as I checked in on my account. Internally, I felt social media gave me a sense of being out of control and out of touch with myself.

I just felt lost.

I struggled with ideas of how to run my business without it but came up with nothing. As much as I want to go live in a cabin in the forest with an owl that sends letters to let everyone know I’m alive, it’s not realistic.

Social media is part of our world and truly a great tool if used wisely.

Realizing that fact, I’m focusing on making social media work for me and respecting that it truly gives me anxiety, allows my ego comparison fuel and depression through doom scrolling.

If it doesn’t make me feel good, why am I doing it?

I’ll be on social media once a day to post art and answer messages!

Other than that I will not be using social media.

This means I may miss comments or not see them at all but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them!

If you need to contact me outside that feel free to email me:



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