How I Started My Company

When I started CRYSTALDRAWSSTUFF it was literally just me drawing stuff on my iPad...

In 2019, I didn't have any followers on instagram and I didn't have a store or products. I don't think I could even wrap my mind around how to do anything I did in the couple years to follow from where I was in 2019. 

What I did have was a strong desire to feel better about myself and my life. This manifested into doodling little things that made me feel good, I found out quickly that other people wanted the same thing as me. 

The followers grew quickly. I threw myself into making pins first and then it escalated into keychains, stickers and a really cool brain plush that I'm obsessed with. I always just went with the flow and got this ideas with a sense of compassion, I knew it was helping people in more ways then one and that was the birth of my company. 

I can admit the first rush of orders and the chaos during the beginning of COVID and the rest of 2020 was so trying for me as a person and business owner. I was going through the weight of the uncertainty of everything, anxiety and keeping a rapid growing business going in a time when suddenly everyone had an interest in Mental Health. 

Looking back I am obviously grateful for the experience and attention but at the time I felt stretched beyond my capabilities and it showed in my personal life. The flip side is that in that year I was transformed into the person I am today which I feel is better prepared to handle my company and whatever else comes my way. 

Things have a way of working out. 

I have a huge vision for my brand because I truly believe art heals and the products are valuable, needed and special. I know we are all in a space of much needed healing and self acceptance and that's where brands and companies like mine can grow and give back. 

As a CEO with a big vision I'm currently working out of my parent's garage... original I know... 

I mean, who knows maybe this is the next Amazon or Apple? Anyway...

I have a little space where I can pack and ship orders and also create whatever I please... 

As well as take photos of products for the shop...

This is my full-time job and my company as of right now has only one employee, which is me and I do everything that is involved to keep it alive. 

I'm excited for the future and what this little company will evolve and grow into.



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