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Choose Curiosity Over Judgement

Whenever my mind wants to judge another person I’ve learned to respond with “Judging another is judging myself.” 

Say someone is negative and not the way you think a good person should be, if we became curious instead of quickly reacting, we could ask ourselves “Why are they acting that way?” This would cause a pause in thinking and allow us to shift the emotion from judgement to empathy.

If we step back and peel the layers we can see everyone is going through something and you never know the full story. Even if you did know the story, everyone is on their own path and we’ve all made mistakes.

Instead of causing yourself mental stress, move forward with kindness and choose to withhold judgement.

See how this shift makes you feel! 

Remember that whatever we want to judge about another person is a reflection of what we judge in ourselves. If you say your judgmental thought out loud it often seems odd or out of character because you know your true self doesn’t operate out of judgement.

These thoughts aren’t you, they’re just playing out in your head out of old belief systems.

They are not you but they’re still there so what can we do about them?

I found it helpful to look at the mind as asking questions in the form of thought and my true power is what I respond with. My choice is to choose responses that add value, uplift and make me feel good because our thoughts are not facts, only suggestions. 

Remember that you are human and these thoughts are not your fault but we do have the power to shift our thinking and choose a better path for ourselves and others.

Keep growing and evolving! 



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